Website Development

Getting an identity on the ocean known as Internet is not an easy task.

This task gets accomplished when you have undertaken the job of website development properly.

We as a website development company assure you of few things. Since the task of website development process revolves around client’s ultimate objectives, clear target audience, well designed content, and marketing goals. Therefore, the websites that we develop for our distinguished patrons comes out to be attractive, user friendly, interactive and above all result oriented.

We take care of milestones such as design, development, testing and implementation in every project so that your website development project becomes a hi-quality success.

In every project we address two questions.

Will the visitors of website accept the interface which is in front of them? Is the content really impressive? That is why we spend time with the user community in advance to know about their interests. In addition, our team develops the website that is in compliance with search engine marketing. Our developers give ample of time to strategic planning.

Thus, you can expect a crisp website from our side with proper navigation tools, perfect coding, relevant content and apt design.

Website Design

A website can be assumed of the spokesperson on your behalf.

It speaks about your strengths, your services offered, the quality of your products moreover about your distinct brand. It has to be majestic in every sense. Broadly speaking it must facilitate the very purpose for which it has been formed.

We have creative website designers in our team that will do the job of website design with full zeal. They concentrate around the objective why client is making a website.

What are its goals? Where is the potential client? What he wants to see in the website? Thus, the optimal stress during the whole website design process is on requirement of the customer.

As we all know a custom website design involves perception, preparation and implementation so in website designing process our designers give equal importance to all these aspects. They make the layout in such a way that the visitors go deeper into the website and get what they are looking for once they leave a particular page.

We understand every aspect of a good website design. As improper website layouts with poor information may make the visitor puzzled so we take every step possible to establish a platform in such a way that visitors interact easily unhindered with usability problems.

If you are interested in taking your business to the next level, hire us for all your website design needs.

E-Commerce Solution

  • We are the director of the play christened as “eCommerce website.”

    Leading actors in this play are

    • The Customer who performs the scene of buying products
    • The Website Owner who ships bought products and gets paid
    • The eCommerce Application which acts as an interface between all the actors
    • The Payment Gateway who handles payment transactions
    • The Merchant/Business Bank Account. He is website owner’s business bank account

    We ensure our play remains a huge hit, every time we deliver…

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Software solutions

Running a business has become far simpler nowadays. Thanks to software solutions that have really made the difference. Its success does not depend upon hard work only. It also depends upon how smartly you have put the automation in the process.

For example, you can facilitate the process of making assessments once you are equipped with the relevant information obtained from data processing from business software solutions. So, the right custom technological tools in the form of robust software solutions are imperative for the successful running of the organization.

Our role!

We can help you by providing custom software solutions for almost every type of business such as communication, finances, and entertainment.

Talking about the process!

Our software development team looks on the core aspect of client’s problem then through a step-by-step approach we reach to the tangible goals set by their organization. You will find our team ready to help you right from the business analysis and prototyping stage to development and deployment of your solution.

Be it Custom Software Development, Software Product Development, Enterprise Application Development and Software Re-engineering and Modernization, we are ready with unique solutions to make your project get off flying.

Thus, in case you require end-to end custom software solutions just drop us a message.

Online Marketing

Undoubtedly Internet is the untapped goldmine. We provide online marketing services through which you can market your goods and services online to procure wealth of this “untapped goldmine” in the form of sales and growth.

As a premium online marketing company our job revolves around providing an array of services including Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Optimization (SMO). We help our clients in generating qualified business enquiries and online sales along with building an engagement with the existing and potential clients online.

In addition to sales and growth factor, online marketing has also become a prime channel to generate customer awareness. Industry experts themselves say that the risk involved with a comprehensive online strategy is small whereas the rewards are infinite.

Buying decisions are being affected by online search nowadays. Most of the business buyers look towards a search engine in the investigation phase of the buying process. With online marketing your small business can be projected as a bigger one than they actually are. Your business can shine more than and international conglomerate. This comes for minimal investment of time and money.

In online marketing world, your customer is already searching for a product that you have. Actively they are looking for doing business with someone. That someone should be you.
And we can show you the way.

Content Writing

Humans and Bots! Your content should be appealing to both of them.

And of course this is the challenge.

Our content writing services are designed in such a way that we keep finger on the pulse of moving target of good SEO. Too complex! No problem let me make it a bit simpler.

We craft the content carefully in such a way that it becomes catchy for human readers with the ability to respond positively to Google search results. Our writers do a lot of research beforehand to know what is in vogue.

You can hire our talented pens in case you are looking for quality content writing services including SEO copy writing, blogs, product descriptions, social media content that includes Facebook and Twitter posts, articles, press releases, resumes, cover letters, technical, and creative writing.

If you don’t find it compelling we’ll revise it, and certainly we will verify the originality of our content with the help of a reliable software tool before you get it.

Extended Support

Rightly said, “We don’t believe in kicking our baby birds out of the nest before we know they can fly on their own.”

Our post-launch strategy (at extra cost) involves extended support, search engine ranking, social media management and follow-up analytics. All of this is designed to increase traffic and make sure your website is doing what it’s supposed to: building your customer base. We put a lot of love into our websites, and we want to see them take off!

We have got a separate department who will take care of your website maintenance needs. Whenever you need updates to your websites just make us a call or drop us a message. Once our up gradation team has completed the work, you will receive a comprehensive report along with the links where you can see the changes where they have been applied. Again if you have any issues you can let us get informed right away and we will certainly fix them.

Our web maintenance service provider team is expert in updating websites made with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP and Flash. Your website is made using ASP! No problem, we can do updates on websites using ASP also. Our team can handle the Joomla and WordPress websites as well.

We genuinely understand that your business website is crucial for your business. It has to be handled with utmost care and updates should be done in such a way where they can be rolled back, if needed. That is why we keep a backup of all the information before applying any changes.

Our goal is your satisfaction, so the next time you need updates done on your website, have any hosting issue or there is any server related problem where website maintenance team is required.

We promise to do our best to help you for all your website’s post launch needs. Give us a try.

Strategic Planning

Want to achieve all of your professional goals? Want to make more profits?

Here is the secret.

Just design and implement a strategic plan for your business growth.

Once you have given place to strategic planning in your business operations then you can reap profit building with lower overhead costs and reduced expenses. You as a business owner will be able to quickly resolve client’s complains and staff issues.

What strategic planning can do for you? It contains plans by which you will be able to achieve your personal goals you want to achieve for the next 5 to 10 years. This is how you can balance your personal and business values.

There is one more reason why you should get a strategic plan designed for you. In case you have an unstable customer base which is not growing then a plan can help you in identifying your current customers.

In case you have an unpredictable Cash Flow and other financial worries related to sales, accounts receivables and collections then developing a strategic plan for business growth will certainly address these issues thus subside your financial worries.

We can help you in strategic planning.

Data Entry

We believe accurate data entry is important for making right business decisions. That is the reason why we have hired experienced data entry operators and proof readers who are equipped with an efficiency to do stringent quality checks at various levels. They can also read and analyze hand-written documents easily.

We take pride in saying that our skilled staff has a thorough understanding of documentation so that they can review documents efficiently.

As a customer centric company in the whole region we also have expertise in data processing, PDF and image entry, data conversion, online web research, data mining and scanning services.

You can outsource your data entry requirements to us in order to reduce the infra structural costs of your organization as you will have to spend a fortune on hardware, software installation, technical maintenance and human resource training.